Friday, August 24, 2012

Beating the Unemployment Boredom

When I was first laid off I was so fine. Better than that, I was perfectly ok. Aside from being breakup sad I lost my job I was sure I would find another within a couple weeks. I puffed up like a balloon and sailed on my hopeful way. But man, I've been slowly deflating. I spend every morning looking for/applying for/following up with jobs, running, cleaning the house, running errands.

But I've had too much time off and let me tell you... it's overrated. The break from the daily work grind was a little peaceful at first - like a forced vacation. I took a week off and just hung out before starting the mad dash to proverbial new job finish line. I even went to New York for some much needed friend time. But now, without some afternoon or evening excursions, it's hard to not slip into a deflated slump. This week I went and did a little capitol exploring with Sam. We had a wonderful time exploring and it was a great way to spend an afternoon!

So if you've been laid off here are 10 tips to beating the unemployment boredom:
1. Email your sister three times a day. Tell her every little thing you do.
2. Walk or ride your bike when doing errands. You have no where to be so stop rushing.
3. Re-organize your entire closet even if you did so two weeks prior.
4. Look up 15 recipes for cooking brussel sprouts and try at least seven or them.
5. Rearrange your bedroom furniture. Hate it. Put it back.
6. Try and dance like Ellen. Also- never miss an episode.
7. Blackmail your roommate into taking a day off and putt putt golf. Flasks optional.
8. Dust your ceiling fan. Lord knows you need to. While you're at it clean you AC vents too.
9. Take a million instagrams of your cat doing cat things. Doing anything really. Then don't stop telling him how pretty he looks.
10. Start that blog you were talking about.

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