Wednesday, August 8, 2012

About Those Shoes...


You know the feeling. You leave the house feeling untouchable. You know your outfit is fly and it's going to prove to the office that you are the cool kid. Your black trousers are skinny and perfectly paired with an adorable pair of studded ankle-strapped platforms. Subtly studded and a-okay for the office (you even asked your roommate to make sure). You've got this, cool kid. But somehow over the course of the day you find your confidence slowly deflating. Every sideways glance from the coworker two cubes over along with a couple subtle comments on your shoe height while waiting for the elevator have chipped away at your 6 foot tall confidence and left you... well... 5'6" with your shoes kicked off under your desk. Reminds me a bit of the above scene from The Hangover.


Been there. Often. I've also told myself that if my attire is alright with my boss and those I report to, then they're fair game (though I do believe there are appropriate office attire guidelines, but we'll discuss this often in the future).

Is that a bad call? Do you ever feel uncomfortable in your work clothes even if it isn't crossing any dress-code guidelines? Or do you just own it? I'm finding myself doing a mixture of both.

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