Monday, March 25, 2013

An New Project.

Just a serious heads up as to the lack or posts past and the lack of posts in the future- I'm currently in the process of launching a brand-spanking new blog with a very dear friend. The quiet here is not a neglect of you, but rather, a serious commitment to making this new endeavor a great one. 

We have high hopes for the new site (which I will be providing the details to shortly). You will find featured beautifully curated art, design, style, local businesses and life (life according to us, naturally). 

I am so sorry to leave behind this blog (it's been a while, hasn't it?). But I look forward to the change of pace and aesthetic- which I believe you will greatly appreciate. 

Please stay tuned for details. I love you all so so dearly!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Photo Booth Outtakes

A couple snaps from my sister's wedding photo booth. It was such a beautifully fun night filled with family, friends, and lots and lots of photos. The very lovely and ever talented Two Pair Photography did a wonderful job with the photo booth and I know the sister and her new hubby are so excited to see the rest (as am I)!

How have you guys been?! I'm working on being better at not completely sucking at checking in here. I've also been contributing every so often to Digital Marketer in case you're into that sort of thing. You can read my latest review of Carrot (the mean to-do task manager app) here.