Monday, December 31, 2012


In keeping with my usual New Years tradition I have thought over a few words I really want to describe my next year. I'll continue to dive into these more and more over the next month and provide some explanation as to why I chose these and how I intent to live them. But here the are for you to read. And for me to now feel a responsibility to keep them:
Love well.

I gave up specific New Years goals a couple years ago. I turned out to be quite the over-achiever and my resolutions rarely reachable. But feeling like a grown up and needing to get some definite things accomplished here are some of this year's more tangible goals:

Use this year to find artwork and artists that I really love. I want to decorate with beautifully large pieces.
Learn more about old fashioned cocktails and the art of making them.
Pay off debt.
Take that long awaited southern trip. Savannah and Charleston- I'm coming your way!

Wishing you all the most wonderful night and the happiest of new years! I will see you guys in 2013.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Everyone Can't Like You

Even as a firm-believer in loving everyone I have to be honest- there are people I don't really get along with that well. And I used to get horribly upset with someone didn't really like me that much either (pretty hypocritical of me, huh?). I thrived on the satisfaction I got from knowing everyone loved me. Found pride there even. I got thinking on my people-pleasing habits and my need to be liked by any and all and have realized I'm not as approval-needy as I used to be.

An ex-boyfriend had some simple, yet wise words on the topic that flipped the way I thought about approval seeking (I remember this because it was one of the two smart things he probably ever said to me): 

"You can't expect everyone to like you, just like you don't like everyone you meet."

He meant there were way to many people with way to many differences and this vast spread of personalities were bound to clash from time to time. So be ok with it. 

Oh yes, be kind to people regardless of your feelings, treat others with the dignity you would hope to receive from them ( the "do-unto-others" rule), even love them - but let go of the self-pressure to make everyone like you. Chances are you will meet someone at sometime with a personality that clashes with yours. You won't necessarily like them and they won't completely be sold on you either. Love them well and leave it there. What does that one person's approval give you that you so desperately need? Are you using the approval of others to validate yourself? If so - it won't ever satisfy and that validation must be found somewhere better.

Are you an approval seeker like me? How have you found freedom from it?

Monday, December 24, 2012

Peppermint Marshmallows

Following in the footsteps of homemaker extraordinaire Martha Stewart I decided these peppermint flavored, candy cane marshmallows were in order this Christmas time. I've never tried my hand at candy making before so I was a little nervous but they turned out delicious and way too addictive. With the red marbled food coloring they look perfect at holiday parties (or the way mine turned out looking like blood splatter - Dexter themed murder mystery parties).

Next on the sweets agenda for me - spicy hot chocolate.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Life (as of late)

Just a little round up of the last week or so.

1. Pretty wrapped gifts don't stay pretty with a mischievous cat is in the house
2. Ordering way too much food for Sunday lunch. Then finishing almost all of it.
3. My new cat portrait the boy gave me for Christmas. I'm pretty thrilled about it! (Art done by Dave Schwab)
4. It's finally cold enough in Texas for tights. Thank heaven ... and cold fronts.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hello, Christmas

 After making our grand entry into December I can tell you that I am as happy as an eight year old waiting for Santa. I spent plenty of time making ornaments preparing for our big outing to get the Christmas tree. I also made a wreath that looks like Adam Duritz (by complete accident, I promise). But more pictures on that later. The tree is currently decorated, the ornaments are hanging on both it and my deer skull, and hot cider is being drank. Merry Christmas Season, everyone.