Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vegan, Yo . . . Or Something Like It

Well, I've officially been vegan (well, more plant-based but you get the idea) for 2 weeks. And me oh my do I feel great. 

I know. Hell must've frozen over because Julie hasn't eaten cheese in 14 days. Hell must've frozen over twice because I just referred to myself in the 3rd person. I hate when Julie does that.

I've had energy to burn, I'm sleeping better, needing less sleep than usual in fact, and feel like I have more self-control than I've ever experienced. All in all, I'm kinda loving this. 

Here's a little roundup of the things I've attempted at making these last two weeks and ones I just can't wait to try!

1. Cashew Cream "Cheese" - so good with dates on toast or crackers.
2. Pho inspired noodle bowl from My New Roots - Best pho broth i've ever had and my new favorite food blog. She's so inspiring!
3. Green Thai curry - Easy peasy and I've probably eaten it for 5 meals so far.

Here are a few dishes that look too good to pass up. They'll make their way into my kitchen (and tummy) very soon!

1. Apple kale salad
2. Tomato and rosemary soup
3. Blood orange braised cabbage and barley (!!!!)

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