Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Vodka Infusing Experiment

Have you ever infused alcohol before? I hadn't and was actually pretty intimidated by it. I mean, the word "infusing" sounds complicated with room for some serious error. And if there's room for error - I'll make them all.

I did some reading here and here and decided it was actually simpler than making a sandwich so the boy and I dove right in last weekend, got chopping and canning and gave it a try.

Boy picked bourbon and I tried vodka because it seemed a little less intimidating to me. And I have to say I am so pleased with the results! My favorites were the blood orange vodka, cucumber basil vodka, and basil bourbon. Surprisingly, the basil bourbon was incredibly delicious. I wish I had infused with more blood oranges as it tasted a little subtle, and FYI - cinnamon is strong so it doesn't need to sit for the whole 72 hours. We had a great time and know the next round will be even better. I want to try a mint bourbon for juleps and cilantro jalapeno tequila for margaritas!

I've included a little drink how-to for the cucumber basil vodka. YUM. 

What would you infuse?!

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